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Journey with alextoolex


 Author and Musician Farbod MasoudVaziri better known by his nickname Alextoolex began his love affair with the arts two decades ago when he started writing at just 15 years old. He discovered that his prose touched an inner part of his being, and he spent many years developing as an unknown ghostwriter. 


About ten years ago, he extended his creative spirit by producing music on the piano and guitar to continue exploring his artistic expression. Now, Alextoolex has decided to write and produce under his own name to actualize his talents further, working hard to reach his current level of success.


He must be doing something right because his 1.5 million Instagram followers have launched his popularity into the stratosphere

Alextoolex in seminar his suit up
Alextoolex wearing versace shirt

Alextoolex rhythmic EDM but eclectic musical expression defies established norms and revibrates the senses with a mesmeric intimacy, not broadcast in traditional compositions, as can be felt in his latest release, "Future."

For him, music and writing are soul-fulfilling endeavors that give him confidence, enriching his life and the lives of others who appreciate his works.

Perhaps that's why he declares, "Life doesn't give you what you want, it gives you what you work for." The many fans he has garnered since stepping into the limelight obviously agree.


Alextoolex Ocean EDM Album Cover year 2016 (4).jpeg
Alextoolex old memory new Album Cover year 2017 (3).jpeg
alextoolex Extension Album Cover year 2018  (5).jpeg
Alextoolex Invisible Album Cover year 2014 (7).jpeg
alextoolex Abstract Mind Album Cover year 2019 (5).jpeg
Alextoolex organized chaos Album Cover year 2021  (5).jpeg


Alextoolex training psychology Book Cover
alextoolex Thinker Book Cover
Alextoolex fitness and nutrition Book Cover
Alextoolex from bump to baby Book Cover
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